ISO 9001:2008ISO 9001
  • Type 20/10 Control Cable 600V

    Standard general purpose control cable for important control circuits in industrial plants and station control cable for utilities. Suitable for operation and interconnection of protective devices; rated circuit voltage 600 volts, recommended for operation at 75 ÂșC maximum continuous conductor temperature.
    For Non NEC Application Cables may be installed in open air, in ducts or conduit, or in tray or trough and direct burial.

    Stranded uncoated copper conductors, 20 mils black high molecular weight polyethylene insulation, 10 mils full color coded PVC Jacket over each insulated conductor, two conductors flat, three or more conductors twisted with suitable fillers where necessary to make round, polyester tape over assembly, PVC jacket overall, surface printed.

    Physical and electrical tests in accordance with appropriate sections of ICEA S-73-532, NEMA WC57.


    • Single conductor 20 mils high molecular weight polyethylene insulation and 10 mils polyvinyl chloride jacket, 600 Volt.
    • Color coding is ICEA Appendix E Method 1 Table E-1.
    • Flexible stranded conductors
    • Tin-coated copper conductors per ASTM B33
    • Copper braid shield
    • 1000V rated construction
    Consult AWG for a variety of alternate constructions for specific applications.

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