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Installation Manual for OPGW Cable

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This handbook is formulated on IEEE 1138-2008 and IEEE 524-1992 etc.

OPGW has two functions:  electric aerial ground wire and fiber communication.

It is constituted of AS wire, AA wire and stainless steel tube op-unit. The installation rules of OPGW are almost the same as the engineering and installation modes of traditional aerial electric power wire, referring to electric power company's aerial transmit circuitry installation skills, management and other related files. In order to guarantee the installation of OPGW and avoid the waste of personnel and material resources, we compile this handbook as the reference, not instead of any other manufacturers' installation instructions.

OPGW is usually installed on the top of pole of the electric power aerial wire. The following disadvantages should be considered: vibration caused by wind, hurricane, ice thickness, unsteady operation caused by temperature, and possible thunder attack, short circuit ere. Therefore, detailed engineering program should be formulated according to different structures of OPGW and specific route conditions. According to design requirement, OPGW should be allotted correctly; every tray of optical fiber cable should he installed in the appointed part of route and should be laid according to engineering chart operation file.

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