ISO 9001:2008ISO 9001
This color code system employs six (6) different base colors alternating through a series of 21 conductors. In this series, the last 15 conductors are marked with tracers of contrasting colors. The color sequence is repeated in regular sequence as necessary for cable configurations employing more than twenty-one (21) conductors.
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N/A 21 N/A Orange N/A Green
N/A 20 N/A Red N/A Green
N/A 19 N/A Blue N/A Red
N/A 18 N/A Orange N/A Red
N/A 17 N/A White N/A Red
N/A 16 N/A Black N/A Red
N/A 15 N/A Blue N/A White
N/A 14 N/A Green N/A White
N/A 13 N/A Red N/A White
N/A 12 N/A Black N/A White
N/A 11 N/A Blue N/A Black
N/A 10 N/A Orange N/A Black
N/A 9 N/A Green N/A Black
N/A 8 N/A Red N/A Black
N/A 7 N/A White N/A Black
N/A 6 N/A Blue N/A n/a
N/A 5 N/A Orange N/A n/a
N/A 4 N/A Green N/A n/a
N/A 3 N/A Red N/A n/a
N/A 2 N/A White N/A n/a
N/A 1 N/A Black N/A n/a
1 - 21 of 21 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure
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