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Reel Capacities - NEMA Method

The formula for calculating footage capacities of reels for round cable is shown below. A 5% factor and 95% traverse utilization have been built into the formula. Cables must be wound evenly to obtain consistency.

* Round off the result to the nearest whole number.

F = 



A – 2 x X – B )*0.95 x D][ A – 2 x X – B ]*[ 0.95 x ]*}  
12 1.9 - D 1.9 - D  D


F = Feet of cable on reel

A = Flange diameter, in inches

B = Drum diameter, in inches

C = Inside traverse, in inches

D = Cable diameter, in inches

X = This variable is defined as the distance between the cable and the outside edge of the reel flange. Clearance is equivalent to 1 inch or 1 cable diameter, whichever is the larger quantity.

Note: The NEMA formula does not cover paralleled or triplexed assemblies.  Contact the cable manufacturer for the maximum footages of these assemblies.

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