ISO 9001:2008ISO 9001
  • Type W<br>Magnet Crane Cable Two Conductor 600/2000V

    For use in heavy-duty services as power supply cable, AC systems (grounded and ungrounded), mobile and portable electrical equipment, motor and battery leads. For 2 conductor cables use on DC or AC single phase systems where no grounding is required, or on DC systems with one conductor for grounding. For 4 conductor cables, use on two or three phase AC systems with one conductor used for grounding. For 5 conductor cables, use in applications where separating the system neutral from the frame ground is required.


    • Conductor is 8 - 500 MCM fully annealed stranded bare copper.
    • Insulation is premium grade color coded 90ºC EPDM.
    • Jacket is 90 ºC Black CPE+ with temperature range of -40 ºC to +90 ºC .
    • Jacket is Indent printed for easy identification (successive footage printing available).
    • Jacket marking is TYPE W PORTABLE POWER CABLE 2000V 90ºC DRY 75 ºC WET SUN RES (UL) - PK(#) MSHA.
    • Designed to withstand severe environmental conditions.
    • Withstands exposure to oil, acids, alkalies, heat, flame, moisture and chemicals.
    • Rope lay stranding for maximum flex life with excellent impact resistance and cable core bound for superior flexibillity and toughness.
    • Suitable for continuous submersion in water.
    • Lengths cut to order.
    ICEA S-75-381 NEMA WC-58 UL TYPE W and MSHA approved.

    • These ampacities are based on a conductor temperature of 90ºC and an ambient air temperature of 40 ºC per ICEA PUB-S-75-381 NEMA WC0-8. For ampacities per National Electrical Code requirements, refer to the latest NEC edition.
    • Shipping tolerance +/- 10%
    • Heavy-duty neoprene jacket optional.
    • Succesive footage printing available.

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