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  • Type M Guy and Messenger Wire Aluminum Clad

    Power lines, telephone lines, railway signals, communication lines, towers, masts.

    Type M alumoclad guy strand is an economical, corrosion resistant buying material for use on overhead line structures. The thick cladding of aluminum on each wire protects the high-strength steel core from rusting and subsequent loss of strength. Costly maintenance is eliminated and the original safety factor of the guy is maintained throughout the life of the line.

    The alumoclad steel wire used to make Type M guy strand is unique in that the aluminum cladding thickness is guaranteed to be no less than 10% of the wire radius. Thus, a thick corrosion barrier that is pure aluminum not zinc or and iron-aluminum alloy protects the steel core.

    Another important feature of any coated or clad wire is the bond between the coating material and the base metal. In the case of alumoclad steel wire, the aluminum cladding and steel core are joined by a continuous ductile weld. This assures against cracking or separating of the protective aluminum form the steel core.

    Type M alumoclad steel wire guy strand is easily handled and installed. It weighs less than any of the other high-strength guying materials.


    • A474 Standard Specification for Aluminum-Coated Steel Wire Strand

    • B415 Standard Specification for Hard-Drawn Aluminum-Clad Steel Wire

    • B416 Standard Specification for Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminumclad Steel Conductors

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