ISO 9001:2008ISO 9001
  • MV-105 Shielded (EPR) 35kV

    For installation in tray, trough, conduit, ducts, aerial and direct buried as allowed by the NEC. The cables can be used in main feeder, distribution, and branch circuits for industrial, commercial and electric utility installations. They may operate continuously in wet or dry locations at conductor temperatures not exceeding 105 ºC, at not more than 140 ºC. for emergency overload conditions and 250 ºC during short-circuits. Suitable for systems rated 5 kV/8 kV, 133 % insulation level (grounded systems).

    Copper concentrically stranded compressed conductor; triple single head extruded conductor shield, EPR (ethylene propylene rubber) insulation and easy strippable insulation shield, all dry cured; bare copper tape shielded; surface printed black PVC jacket.


    • National Electrical Code (NEC)
    • UL-1072 MV-105
    • ICEA S-93-639/NEMA WC74
    • ICEA S-97-682
    • AEIC CS8
    • UL listed as Type MV-105 for use in accordance with NEC
    • Sizes 4/0 AWG and larger are listed and marked "Sunlight-Resistant FOR CT USE" in accordance with NEC
    • Ampacities are based on the NEC.
    • Cable Tray: Three single cables, installed in uncovered cable tray in accordance with NEC Section 392.13; operating at 105 ºC conductor, at an ambient temperature of 40 ºC.
    • Buried Duct: Three cables per duct operating at 105 ºC conductor, 20 ºC ground ambient, earth ρ = 90, 100 % load factor.
    • Conduit in Air: Three cables per isolated conduit in air at 40 ºC; operating at 105 ºC conductor (NEC Table 310.73).
    • CPE or CSPE Jacket available.

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