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Type W Magnet Crane Cable Two Conductor 600V/2kV

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Type W<br>Magnet Crane Cable Two Conductor 600/2000V

Magnet Crane Cable - 2 Conductor, Type W 600V/2kV 90°C

Magnet Crane Cable is a heavy-duty, portable cable that is designed especially to use on magnet cranes, and may be used on mobile mining equipment, lifting magnets, cutters, loaders, conveyers, drills or pumps where grounded circuits are not required, in portable power situations and as temporary power supply.

  • Conductors are flexible stranded, annealed copper.
  • Insulation is Thermoset EPR.
  • Cabled with fillers for roundness with an open reinforced over assembly for mechanical protection.
  • Jacket is Thermoset CPE.
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