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  • URD Cable Copper and Aluminum

    PowerGuard® XL cables are intended for use in wet or dry locations for distribution of single or three phase medium-voltage power. These cables may be installed in ducts or direct buried.

    Single conductor cable with filled strand aluminum conductors, triple extruded dry cured insulation system consisting of a thermosetting semiconducting conductor shield, high dielectric strength PowerGuard® XLTRXLPE insulation, thermosetting semiconducting insulation shield, copper concentric neutral wires, water blocking agents, black encapsulating cross-linked polyethylene jacket.

    Conductor: Class A or B Compressed concentric stranded aluminum alloy 1350 per ASTM B 231. Stranded conductors are water-blocked with conductor filling compound.
    Conductor Shield: Extruded thermosetting semiconducting shield which is free stripping from the conductor and bonded to the insulation.
    Insulation: Extruded, unfilled Tree-Retardant Cross-linked Polyethylene (TRXLPE) as defined in ANSI/ICEA S-94-649 - 133% insulation level.
    Insulation Shield: Extruded thermosetting semiconducting shield with controlled adhesion to the insulation providing the required balance between electrical integrity and ease of stripping.
    Metallic Shield: Solid bare copper wires helically applied and uniformly spaced.
    Water Block: Water-blocking agents applied over the insulation shield and around the neutral wires to resist longitudinal water penetration. Longitudinal water penetration shall be tested in accordance with the latest edition of ICEA T-34-664 except that the minimum requirement is 15 psig for 1 hour.
    Jacket: The outer jacket is an extruded-to-fill black non-conducting cross-linked polyethylene jacket, meeting the physical requirements of Table 1 when tested by the methods specified in ANSI/ICEA S-94-649. The jacket shall be free-stripping and not interfere with an intimate contact between the neutral wires and the underlying extruded insulation shield. The jacket is sunlight resistant. The jacket shall contain a print legend marking, sequential length marking and three longitudinal extruded red stripes.
    Factory Warranty:  20 Years                                            

    Physical Properties of Extruded-to-Fill XLPE Jacket
    Unaged Tensile Strength, min. (PSI)             1500
    Aged* Tensile Strength, min. ret. (%)               70
    Unaged Elongated, min. (%)                           150
    Aged* Elongated, min. ret. (%)                        70
    Heat Distortion 1 hr at 131°C, max. (%)            30

    * Aged for 168 hrs at 121°C


    Insulation Temperature Rating
    Normal ................................................105°C
    Short Circuit .........................................250°C

    * Operation at the emergency overload temperature shall not exceed 1500 hours cumulative during the lifetime of the cable.



    • ASTM B-231
    • AEIC CS8
    • ICEA S-94-649
    • ICEA T-31-610
    • ICEA T-34-664 as applicable for TRXLPE insulated concentric neutral cable
    • UL-1072 MV-105        


    • Copper Conductors


    1. Diameters are based on ASTM Class B Compressed diameters. Sizes 1250 kcmil and 1500 kcmil are based on ASTM Class A Compressed diameters.
    2. Extruded layer thicknesses, insulation and insulation shield diameters are in accordance with ANSI/ICEA S-94-649 for Concentric Neutral Cables Rated 5-46kV and also meet the requirements of the latest revisions of AEIC CS8. Dimensions and weights not designated as minimum or maximum are nominal values and are subject to manufacturing tolerances.
    3. Cables buried in flat adjacent configuration with 7.5"" spacing between conductors.
    4. Ampacity based on earth thermal resistivity of 90 ºC-cm/watt, 90 ºC conductor temperature, 20 ºC earth ambient temperature, 75% load factor and 36"" depth of burial. Values are based on one three-phase circuit, one conductor per phase, with neutral wires bonded at each end.

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