ISO 9001:2008ISO 9001
  • EPR Non-Shielded 2400kV

    These cables comply with the exception notes of NEC Article 310.6 with respect to non-shielded cables above 2000V and the requirements of Table 310.63 for wet and dry locations. Consequently, where NEC requirements apply, this cable is suitable for use in wet and dry locations at a continuous conductor operating temperature of 90 ºC, at an emergency overload conductor temperature of 130 ºC and at a short circuit conductor temperature of 250 ºC. These cables may be installed in duct or conduit or properly supported aerial installations. Cables that are rated for use in cable tray applications are shown on the individual product specification sheets.


    • The conductor is made up of uncoated soft, copper strands meeting the requirements of ASTM B3. Unless otherwise specified the conductors are supplied as Class B compact per ASTM B496.
    • The insulation is ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) extruded concentrically over the conductor to the wall thickness as specified in the governing specifications listed and as shown on the individual product specification sheets.
    • A sunlight and ozone resistant jacket of polyvinylchloride (PVC) or chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) is extruded over the single and multi conductor assembly. Optional jacket materials are available that offer enhanced ratings and performance.
    • Listed by UL as Type MV-90 per Standard 1072.
    • Conforms to ICEA S-96-659/N EMA WC71 Non-Shielded 2001 V - 5KV Cables.
    • Listed by UL For CT Use (Sizes #1/0 AWG and larger CPE jacketed).
    NEC 2005 no longer recognizes non-shielded 5000V construction and only recognizes 2400V non-shielded with the specific construction attributes included in this specification. These cables meet the current relevant ICEA standards for 5000V non-shielded cables.

    *Compressed conductors.
    **Based on three single conductor cables in isolated conduit in air per NEC tolerances.

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