ISO 9001:2008ISO 9001
  • CU USE-2/RHH/RHW-2

    Single conductor cross linked polyethylene (XLP or XLPE) Type RHW-2 and USE-2 for use at 600 volts or less. It is approved per the NEC for general purpose lighting and power applications at a maximum continuous operating temperature of 90 ºC in wet and dry locations. For use in free air, raceways or direct burial in accordance with NEC.

    The single copper conductors shall be solid or stranded annealed or hard uncoated copper per UL83 and ASTM requirements. Insulated with XLP as specified and applied tightly to the conductor in a concentric manner. All black insulation is rated ""Sunlight Resistant"". The minimum at any point shall not be less than 90 % of the specified average thickness in compliance with UL 44. The wire shall be identified by surface marking indicating the manufacturer, conductor size, voltage rating, UL symbol, and type designation. The wire shall be continuously spark tested at 7500 Volts DC. Other electrical and mechanical tests shall be in accordance with UL44, UL 854 and UL 1581.


    • ASTM B-1, B-3, and B-8 for copper conductors.
    • ICEA S-66-524/NEMA WC7 Cross Linked Polyethylene Insulated Wire & Cable, UL 854 for Service Entrance Cables (incl. Para. 854-38.7 for 300 hr. sunlight resistance) and UL 44 for Thermoset Insulated Wires & Cables, Fed Spec J-C-30B.

  • CU USE-2/RHH/RHW-2

    Recommended for use in all low voltage circuits where continuity of service is the prime consideration. These cables may be installed in wet or dry locations, indoors or outdoors, in raceways, underground ducts, directly buried in the earth, or lashed to a messenger for aerial installation. These cables may also be installed in cable tray (size 1/0 AWG and larger per NEC 392.2).  For use in free air, raceways or direct burial in accordance with NEC. 

    Conductor: Uncoated copper solid per ASTM-B-3, compress stranded per ASTM B-8, or compact per ASTM B-496. Insulation: Meets or exceeds all requirements of ICEA S-95-658/NEMA WC-70 and UL Standards 44 and 854. Jacket: CPE. Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. as Type RHH or RHW-2 or USE-2, VW-1. Sizes 1/0 AWG and larger are also marked "sunlight resistant, for use in cable tray." Listed by CSA as RW-90, -25C, FT1 (1/0 and larger FT4), outdoor.

    Product Features

    • Sizes 1/0 AWG and larger pass the Vertical Tray Flame Test requirements of UL 1581 for use in cable tray.
    • Passes the IEEE 383-1974 Vertical Tray Flame Test.
    • Passes the IEEE 1202-1991 Vertical Tray Flame Test. (sizes 1/0 AWG & larger).
    • Extreme heat resistance; 90 ºC continuous rating, wet or dry 110 ºC hot spot rating 130 ºC emergency overload rating 250 ºC short circuit rating
    These ampacities are based on single conductor in free air, 40 ºC ambient air temperature, 90 ºC conductor operating temperature.

    PVC or LSOH jacket

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