ISO 9001:2008ISO 9001
  • 2-Layer 15kV ACSR Tree Wire

    Used for primary and secondary overhead distribution where limited space is available or desirable for rights of way. Installed as an uninsulated conductor; however, covering is effective in preventing direct shorts and instantaneous flashovers should tree limbs or other objects contact conductors in such close proximity. The resulting close-proximity configuration minimizes the amount of space and hardware required for line installation; particularly useful in congested areas such as alleyways or tight corridors.

    Conductors are concentric strand AAC (1350-H19), AAAC (either compressed or full compact depending on conductor size) or ACSR. The conductor shield shall be an extruded back semiconductor polymer meeting the physical requirements of ICEA S-61-402.  Available with track-resistant high-density polyethylene (TR-HDPE) per ASTM D1248 or Track-Resistant Cross-linked Polyethylene (TK_XLPE) covering per ASTM D2656 and ICEA S-66-524.  The minimum thickness of each layer at any point shall not be less than listed in the data table.   The outer layer shall contain a carbon black additive, not less than 0.02% to provide the weather resistance, and track resistance. 

    15kV - 35kV PowerGuard® MV Aerial Cable meets or exceeds all applicable ICEA specifications and the following ASTM specifications:

    • ASTM B230 Standard Specification for Aluminum 1350–H19 Wire for Electrical Purposes
    • ASTM B231 Standard Specification for Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum 1350 Conductors
    • ASTM B232 Standard Specification for Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum Conductors, Coated-Steel Reinforced (ACSR) 
    • ASTM B398 Standard Specification for Aluminum-Alloy 6201-T81 and 6201-T83 Wire for Electrical Purposes
    • ASTM B399 Standard Specification for Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum-Alloy 6201-T81 Conductors
    • ASTM B400 Standard Specification for Compact Round Concentric-Lay-Stranded Conductors
    • ASTM D2656 Standard Specification for Cross-linked Polyethylene Insulation for Wire and Cable Rated 2001 to 35 000 V
    • ASTM D1248 Standard Specification for Polyethylene Plastics Extrusion Materials for Wire and Cable
    • ICEA S-70-547 Standard Specification for Weather Resistant Polyethylene Covered Conductors

    Full hardware solution is available, including spacers, brackets, installation tools and hardware.  Please consult with AWG for more information.  

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